Yakiniku Like Parkway Parade

Get the experience of everything by the set meals offered by Yakiniku Go Parkway Parade. Are you looking for individual food? You can select your meal from the selection of meats, sides, and sauces. Yakiniku Like Parkway is a very popular restaurant among tourists and locals, so it is recommended to make reservation before coming. 

Yakiniku Go Parkway Parade Famous Dishes

All the dishes at Yakiniku Go Singapore are famous, but of them explained below are special:



Kimchi is a popular Korean dish made with vegetables like Korean radish and cabbage. Kimchi is known for its vibrant red color, crunchy texture, savory, spicy, and tangy flavor. 

Karubi Jyu

Karubi Jyu

Karubi Jyu is a famous Japanese dish made of grilled short ribs of beef. Usually, it is served with dipping sauces, salad, soup, and rice. Karubi is a filling and tasty recipe that can be prepared quickly for a simple dinner. 

Karubi Jyu

Ribeye Jyu

Ribeye steak slices are cooked perfectly to make ribeye jyu which is then served over rice. In addition to being seasoned with salt, pepper, and sesame oil, the steak is frequently served with soy sauce, ponzu, teriyaki, and a selection of dipping sauce.



Simmered beef and onions are combined to make gyudon, which is served with rice. In Japan, this dish is quite popular and is frequently served as a light supper. Thinly sliced beef, onions, and a sauce consisting of sake, mirin and soy sauce are usually included in gyudon.

03:01 07 Jul 24
Good serving from the team especially Andrea ,Ina and Janice. The Abanico slice is real good.
Joey LimJoey Lim
04:05 15 Jun 24
Shout out to Waiter Yi Feng. Very enthusiatistic in serving customers and is able to notice that we missed out on an order. Swifting doing everything as well. By the time we walked to cashier, he was already ready with the bill. This young man will do well in everything he does in his life
Joshua LimJoshua Lim
05:35 08 Jun 24
Thank you Andrea for the excellent service. Food was also of great value
P LimP Lim
05:28 02 Jun 24
My dining experience at Yakiniku-Go has been good so far. This must be my second or third visit to this outlet. The new set meals prompted me to have my dinner here again, even though it wasn't even dinner time! 😆We ordered the Signature Yakiniku-Go Set and upgraded our rice to Katsuo Tamago Rice.The Beef Short Plate, Ribeye Steak, and Tongue were delicious. The Curry Rice with Egg was great. Service was on point. What more could we ask for?I just wish a drink had been included in the set for that price, even if it was just water.Also, perhaps we could also have Beef & Pork Set in the menu in the future? 😬
Kalvin LeeKalvin Lee
12:29 18 May 24
We had dinner at this chain outlet earlier and was thoroughly impressed by the exceptional service of the crew.Special thanks to Hannah and Felicia for their outstanding efforts during the busy dinner rush. You both ensured our table of seven had everything we needed to enjoy our meal.Many thanks and best wishes!
00:20 13 May 24
hy hhy h
12:33 18 Apr 24
Crazy delicious!! It wasn't, but I still enjoyed it thanks to the reasonably tasty meat, clean interior, and friendly staff.
Qi LinQi Lin
17:52 07 Apr 24
I am really thankful to the Philippines manager that return me my hot flask that I left at the restaurant. I called the branch the day before to check for the lost item and the manager remember that I called yesterday. Thank you so much for your good services either during eating or when I came back to get my flask. Love the services provided.I ordered yakiniku go set, with 1 for 1. Each person cost around $15. I still prefer the food at Yakiniku Like either in food, sauce, food presentation and stove control of the heat.
pamela phangpamela phang
12:03 21 Mar 24
Waiting extremely long for the food. Service staff severally overwhelmed and kitchen understaffed.
Ben C.Ben C.
09:16 17 Mar 24
John ChongJohn Chong
11:17 10 Mar 24
Japanese Yakiniku Grill Restaurant.Place is clean, staff and service is prompt. Unfortunately, I did not actually like the food.The quality of meats, ingredients etc was reasonable, and prices were not too expensive.However I did not like the sauces.The other people who dined with me enjoyed the meal, but somehow I felt It could have been better.
Sally TanSally Tan
00:36 04 Feb 24
Kid had fun bbq-ing the steak! Meat slices for value meal is little. Need to top up on steak for a better experience.Update: Was served oxidized meat that looks brown as in photo. We like to order the set with beef steak but it is bundle with a portion of beef tongue which we do not like.
txionq chuatxionq chua
11:00 12 Jan 24
very good service.first time i came to the restaurant i was greeted and served very quickly upon order. interactions were very friendly and brief.food is like any other yakiniku, amazing.it had a very very chill vibe and is overall very lovelyi am now a regular and its safe to say that it is a very good place to eat whrn youre feeling down or when youre celebrating!
21:11 08 Jan 24
Albert LeeAlbert Lee
06:46 03 Jan 24
Robert TanRobert Tan
06:54 01 Jan 24
Debby JayneDebby Jayne
12:28 21 Dec 23
The service is outstanding and the food selection continues to improve from year to year.We are very satisfied with all aspects of the food service program. Thanks to the manager jhade for the great service and team work and I’ll be happy to come back again !
Gregory AthanasiusGregory Athanasius
03:11 06 Nov 23
Located at Parkway Parade, LYakiniku 焼き肉 commonly refers to a style of barbecuing bite-size meats, one of the most popular styles of cooking in Japan.Ordering at the restaurant is fuss-free and contactless: simply scan the QR code with your mobile device. Note that there is a 50 minutes dining limit.Prices are value-for-money, starting with $9.80 for a Karubi or Beef & Chicken Set, which comes with rice, soup, kimchi or salad.If you can’t decide what to order, here’s more:Tip: grill one side of the gyutan for a longer period and leave the other side slightly rare.Over at Yakiniku-GO, the thickness of the beef tongue is determined after several rounds of R&D and the pieces also undergo a special processing step that ensures optimal bite and texture. Recommend to dip into the citrusy Negi Shio Tare. Overall a wonderful dining experience.
John TangoJohn Tango
18:03 31 Aug 23
Nice lunch menu. DIY self cook the raw beef slices. Rice was nice and so was the salad with roasted sesame dressing. Set also comes with a small bowl of miso soup.
Jeremy ChanJeremy Chan
11:04 27 Aug 23
Super high MSG - if you are allergic susceptible to any high-salt/MSG allergic reactions - better not to eat here. My wife got hit badly.AND they don’t honor ShopBack vouchers!!! Now I am stuck !
11:04 27 Apr 23
Located at B1 of Parkway Parade Shopping centre.Reasonably price.Sufficient seating space- the distance between tables are quite sufficiently spaced apart.The meat cuts were prepared till it looked quite appetising.Customers need to cook the meat to their liking.The staff was fast to send and clear the dishes.Overall experience was good!Would definitely come back again.
Hungry EaterHungry Eater
06:06 19 Dec 22
At this price, there is nothing you can’t like for a fuss-free yakiniku restaurant. It’s a fast food version. Don’t expect 5 stars quality for this price. Be realistic guys, if you are expecting a higher grade food, go to a proper Japanese restaurant. For this price in a heartland, it serves its purpose.

Yakiniku Go Parkway Parade Business Hours 

The working hours of Yakiniku Go Parkway are:

DayOpening Hours
Monday11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Final Words

A delectable and delicious menu is served at Yakiniku Go Parkway Parade, so everyone can enjoy their food. The meal is served alongwith delectable sauces, smokeless grilling, and meat. This is a group-friendly event, try not to miss!

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