If you are a Japanese cuisine enthusiast and are looking for an authentic Japanese style barbecue restaurant then you are at the right place. Yakiniku Go, a well-known Japanese restaurant chain in Singapore, specializes in yakiniku, or barbecue prepared in the Japanese tradition. In this blog post, we have provided you with the complete Yakiniku Go Singapore Menu with the latest official prices.

Yakiniku Go has several outlets in Singapore at convenient locations. The signature dishes of this restaurant include Angus Ribeye Steak Jyu, Karubi & Gyutan Jyu and Salmon Butter Yaki Jyu. The restaurant is well-known for both its modern and welcoming interior design and its premium meats.

Yakiniku Go Menu

Yakiniku Go Menu Price

Yakiniku Go Menu Singapore can be categorized as:

  • Takeaway Bentos
  • Side Dish 
  • Drinks

Yakiniku Go Singapore Takeaway Bentos Menu Price

Grilled beef short ribs are known as karubi jyu in Japan. Soy sauce, mirin, and ginger are usually used to marinade the ribs before they are cooked on a high heat grill.

Karubi Jyu
SGD $14.80

In the Japanese meal Karubi & Tamago Jyu, soft-boiled eggs (tamago) are combined with grilled beef short ribs (karubi). Usually, the dish is served with veggies, rice, and dipping sauce.

Karubi & Tamago Jyu
SGD $11.80

It consists of well cooked, juicy, marbled ribeye steak and flavorful, soft short ribs that are presented with delectable sides.

Karubi & Ribeye Jyu
SGD $15.80

Gyutan and Karubi Jyu is a Japanese dish that mixes grilled beef tongue (gyutan) with beef short ribs (karubi).

Karubi & Gyutan Jyu
SGD $18.80

A tasty Japanese dish called ribeye jyu is made using the well-known and juicy ribeye steak, which is perfectly grilled and served with delectable sides.

Ribeye Jyu
SGD $15.80

Angus Ribeye Steak Jyu is a Japanese dish featuring Angus ribeye steak as the main ingredient. It’s typically served as a “Jyu” which means it’s served on top of rice.

Angus Ribeye Steak Jyu
SGD $19.80

In contrast to the Angus Ribeye Steak Jyu, Negi Shio Chicken & Tamago Jyu is a delectable Japanese dish with extra toppings and a different type of protein.

Negi Shio Chicken & Tamago Jyu
SGD $11.80

Salmon is the main component of Salmon Butter Yaki Jyu, also called Chan Chan Yaki, a delicious Japanese meal. It’s usually served donburi style, which means you eat it on top of fluffy rice.

Salmon Butter Yaki Jyu
SGD $17.80

Gyudon, which is sometimes referred to as gyūmeshi (“beef, rice”), is a traditional Japanese cuisine that consists of rice cooked in a savoury-sweet sauce with thinly sliced beef and onions on top.

SGD $17.80

A delicious Japanese meal called Karubi & Negi Shio Chicken Jyu blends two different types of protein on a bed of fluffy rice.

Karubi & Negi Shio Chicken Jyu
SGD $13.80

A tasty and colourful Japanese meal called Spicy Nanban Miso Chicken Jyu has soft fried chicken covered in a spicy-sweet miso sauce and served with rice.

Spicy Nanban Miso Chicken Jyu
SGD $11.80

Delicious Japanese cuisine serves a hefty serving of short ribs in two different forms over a bed of fluffy rice in a meal called double karubi jyu.

Double Karubi Jyu
SGD $19.80

This dish consists of gyudon, a traditional Japanese rice bowl topped with sweet and savoury beef and onions, along with kimchi, a hot and fermented Korean cabbage.

Kimchi Gyu Don
SGD $13.80

A delicious Japanese dish called Pork Karubi Jyu consists of grilled and seasoned pork ribs that are served over fluffy rice.

Pork Karubi Jyu
SGD $13.80

A succulent and savoury pork collar steak is the centerpiece of the delectable Japanese meal Pork Kata Rosu Steak Jyu, which is served over fluffy rice.

Pork Kata Rosu Steak Jyu
SGD $17.80

Yakiniku Go Side Dish Menu Price

A range of fresh veggies and greens are usually included, along with occasionally extra toppings like cheese, croutons, almonds, or seeds.

Mini Salad
SGD $2.50

Seaweed is a soup rich in minerals, vitamins, nutrients and includes seaweed as one of its main ingredients.

Seaweed Soup
SGD $2.50

Chawanmushi, pronounced “cha-wan-moo-shi,” is a delightful Japanese dish featuring a savoury steamed egg custard and served with various delicious toppings.

SGD $3.30

Kimchi is a classic Korean dish fermented with a variety of flavours and vegetables, mainly Korean radishes or Napa cabbage.

SGD $2.50

Radish kimchi is a variety of kimchi that features Korean radishes as the main ingredient.

Radish Kimchi
SGD $2.50

Yakiniku Go SG Menu Drinks

Water that has dissolved minerals and trace elements from natural sources is referred to as mineral water.

Mineral Water
SGD $2.80

Coca-Cola is a dark brown, sweetened beverage manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company.

SGD $3.80

A ready-to-drink tea called Pokka Jasmine Green Tea blends the refreshing properties of green tea with the subtle floral notes of jasmine.

Pokka Jasmine Green Tea
SGD $3.80

Popular ready-to-drink Pokka Lemon Tea is a lively blend of fresh lemon juice and black tea.

Pokka Lemon Tea
SGD $3.80

Pokka Honey Yuzu is a tasty and refreshing ready-to-drink beverage that mixes the citrusy taste of yuzu, a fragrant Japanese fruit, with the natural sweetness of honey.

Pokka Honey Yuzu
SGD $3.80

A sort of ready-to-drink grape juice called Pokka Kiyo Kyoho is produced from Kyoho grapes, known for their deep flavour and rich sweetness.

Pokka Kiyo Kyoho Grape Juice
SGD $4.00

Pokka Sparkling Fuji Apple is a popular carbonated fruit drink featuring the refreshing taste of Fuji apples.

Pokka Sparkling Fuji Apple
SGD $3.80

Pokka Oolong Tea is a popular ready-to-drink bottled tea made with oolong tea leaves.

Pokka Oolong Tea
SGD $3.80

Pokka Lychee Tea is a tasty and pleasant drink that mixes the smooth taste of brewed black tea with the gentle sweetness of lychee fruit.

Pokka Lychee Tea
SGD $3.80

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

No, Yakiniku Go is not a Halal Certified restaurant as they serve various pork dishes.

Yakiniku Go is a network of Japanese barbecue restaurants that specializes in yakiniku, the preparation of meat over an open flame in the Japanese style.

A large selection of meat dishes, including beef, chicken, pork and seafood, are available at Yakiniku Go. To go with your dinner, they also have a variety of side dishes and vegetables.

Yakiniku Go is known for its high-quality grilled meat dishes. Some of the popular and signature dishes may include Double Karubi Jyu and Angus Ribeye Steak Jyu often served with a variety of dipping sauces. Some Japanese dessert options commonly found in yakiniku restaurants include matcha-flavoured treats, chawanmushi, or traditional Japanese sweets. 

The dining experience at Yakiniku Go is one of its distinguishing characteristics. Customers can cook their own meat to their preferred doneness because every table has a built-in grill.

Yakiniku Go emphasizes meat, but it also serves a variety of side dishes and vegetables. There aren’t many vegetarian or vegan-specific options available.

Final Thoughts

Yakiniku Go Singapore Menu is well-known for its easy grilling setup at every table, which lets customers personalize their dish and prepare it to perfection. The fun dining experience is enhanced by the energetic ambiance, excitement of grilling and laughter. Whether you’re a seasoned BBQ aficionado or a curious newcomer, satisfy your appetite by visiting one of the many Yakiniku Go locations in your area or making an online reservation. Bon Appétit!